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Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve-Handwheel

Model GKT 

Material: Stainless Steel, Duplex, Hastelloy, and Titanium ,others


  • GKT Class150 PN10
  • DN100-DN150 4"-6"

Guanli GKT Through Conduit knife gate valves

Bidirectional design which is ideal for installations handling large solids, very viscous fluids, sludge and highly concentrated slurry (mining, paper industry, cement industry, etc.).

The main characteristic of the blade is that it passes through the entire length of the body.

A round outlet is machined in the middle of each blade. This outlet, while falling with identical outlet on the valve body, allows for maximum direct flow of the medium. Thus, while being in open position, the valve essentially becomes part of the piping (leading to dead zones elimination).

Characteristics  of through conduit Knife Gate Valve

·      Bidirectional wafer type valve

·      Knife goes throught the seal area

·      Two-piece body

·      Circular, total passage: enables a high flow capacity with low load loss

·      Sided seal - seal and support ring on both sides

·      Interchangeable drives (hand wheel, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator)

Body Material

Stainless steel ,Duplex SS,  904L,HC276,etc.

Standard flange connection:

EN PN 10 and ANSI B16.5 (class 150) 

Leak Test

EN 12266-1 leakage Class A for soft seat

Metal Seat without leakage control

Driven types

Manual-Handwheel &Bevel gear


Electric Actuated

Hydraulic Actuated


Pneumatic Cylinder-Double Acting Pneumatic

Acceissories- Limit switches, Proximate switches, Solenoid, Filter&Regulator,

SS304 Tubes&fittings


Material Options

Knife Material-SS304, SS316, SS2205, Others

Seat Type-NBR,EPDM,FKM, Metal to Metal




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