Segmented ball valve-Scotch yoke actuator
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Segmented ball valve-Scotch yoke actuator

Model GVU

Size 1/2”-24”

Pneumatic actuator Spring Return




  • GVU647


  • 1"-24" DN15-DN600

The Guanli ball segment valve offers high capacity and tight shut-off for steam, liquid, and mixed-phase applications.Suitable for control as well as on-off applications. The segment moves out of the flow path, minimizing the risk of clogging and increasing flow capacity. Available in stainless steel body materials only, The ball segment valves are customized using a variety of trim materials, operators, and instrumentation.

Scotch Yoke Actuator

The actuator can be combined with accessories to achieve automatic control.

The body and yoke are made of ductile iron or cast steel

The yoke pin is made of alloy steel with excellent mechanical performance

The inner wall of cylinder and the surface of piston rod are honed and plated with hard chromium

Combined with the dynamic sealing design, the sealing performance is greatly improved

The actuators adopt modular design, which is divided into cylinder module (hydraulic cylinder module), box module and spring module. Modular parts with replacable.

Actuator type

Double acting 

Spring returning

Valve Size range 1/2"-24" 


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