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Bidirectional GKJ673E

Model GKJ

Size DN50-DN800  2”-32”

Connection PN10/Class 150

Material: Stainless Steel, Duplex, Hastelloy, and Titanium , Ductile iron,others


  • GKJ673E Class150/PN10


  • 2"-36" DN50-DN900

Guanli GKJ knife gate valve is bidirectional valves which is built to high quality manufacturing standards. 

Standard flange connection:

Flange drilling: EN PN 10,ANSI B16.5 (class 150),AS 2129,others

Face to face: EN558


Pneumatic Cylinder-Double Acting 

Acceissories- Limit switches, Proximate switches, Solenoid, Filter&Regulator,

SS304 Tubes&fittings

Pnuematic actuator type could be :

Spring Return Pneumatic Cylinder

Fail safe system

Material Options:

Knife Material-SS304, SS316, SS2205, Others

Seat Type-NBR,EPDM

Support Yoke-A36 with FBE Coating, SS304

Working pressures

DN 50-DN250  ( 2”-10” )= 10 bar

DN 300-DN450 ( 12”-18”)= 6 bar

DN 500-DN600  (20”-24”)= 4 bar

Testing pressure

DN 50-DN250  ( 2”-10” )   Shell=15 bar  Seat=11 bar

DN 300-DN450 ( 12”-18”)   Shell=9 bar   Seat=7 bar

DN 500-DN600  (20”-24”)  Shell=6 bar   Seat=5 bar


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